Meason Wiley is an electronic musician + visual artist currently based out of Austin, Texas. A multi-instrumentalist, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Technology from the California Institute of the Arts, where he also served as a graduate teaching assistant under the guidance of Dr. Ajay Kapur.  He received his first publication from the NIME Conference at Carnegie Melon University in 2009 for his design of an open source + modular gestural controller called the MLGI.  Meason is also an instructor in the Music Business, Performance + Technology department at Austin Community College.

His work focuses on various aspects of music technology including software design, sound design, instrument design, electronic composition + new technologies for multimedia.  As a musician, he is a contributor to the Karmetik Machine Orchestra(ICMC 2010), a collective of artists + engineers who are working to bridge the gap between electronic + traditional musical performance using custom instruments + musical robotics.  As a solo artist, Meason is currently exploring various computer-based generative + algorithmic processes, as well as hybrid micro-composition + interactive performance.

Meason is also involved with the label collective 99X/10, founded by Roger O’Donnell (ex-The Cure, Psychedelic Furs).  His work + collaborations have been featured in various online + print publications including Wired, NIME, ICMC, Computer Music Journal, Create Digital Music, Synthtopia, Pitchfork Media, Synthwise, Sonic State, C-Net, Apple, and Dubspot/Ableton.