Sound Visualization: Phase Modulation (Installation)  - 2014 

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena.  When sound travels through a medium such as water, regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible. The resulting patterns emerge depending on the amplitude/frequency of the sound, as well as the density of the material and resonance of the enclosure.  This installation utilizes two equidistant 8″ full-range speakers and a plate bi-amplifier housed in a custom rectangular box made of pine and plywood.  A thin sheet of acrylic is placed directly on top of the speaker cones and sealed with waterproof caulk.  The sounds used to create the patterns are generated using Phase Modulation synthesis.

This installation was presented at the CalArts Digital Arts Expo (2014) and the NMASS Festival (2014) in Austin, Texas.  Follow this Vimeo link for video.